Dear friends and family of TSO, all our dearly beloved audience!

With great joy, I welcome you to our new season 2023-24. It is always exciting to announce the new season and share with you the “Idea” or the “Driving Force” behind the curation of works in our season. The 2023-24 season can be summed up with one word: EXTRAORDINARY.

Let me introduce to you to the EXTRAORDINARY in our new season!

We will open the season with Bruckner’s 8th Symphony which is the most perfect, grand, majestic symphony Bruckner completed. If a Cathedral was ever built in sound, this is it! An extraordinary work of spiritual depth and compositional mastery, it is a symphony exquisite in detail, grandly symmetrical in structure, deeply soulful in its message. The 8th sums up the artistic genius, ideals and strivings of Bruckner’s entire lifetime.

And I am thrilled that we will continue our Beethoven Cycle. Performing Beethoven is always an extraordinary experience because his Music is unique: Energy, Passion, Goodness, Mastery, Perfection, Striving, Overcoming, Victory!, Sincerity, Originality, Breaking boundaries, Aiming for New Heights - all of these extraordinary ideals are perfectly embodied in Beethoven’s Music. Beethoven IS human triumph. I am especially overjoyed that we conclude our Cycle with a performance of Missa Solemnis, a truly extraordinary work, the most perfect, beautiful, deep and transcendental Music Beethoven composed. It is his crowning achievement of his extraordinary life.

The Extraordinary Gustav Mahler - the pillar of my collaboration with the musicians of TSO. It has always been my ambition, vision and wish that Mahler’s extraordinary symphonies serve as guideposts for TSO’s artistic growth. Mahler revolutionized the Orchestra by stretching the technique, stamina, expressive flexibility to previously unheard of limits… the 21st Century Orchestra must be able to not only perform Mahler but have his Music coursing through its veins at all times. Next season, we will perform for you the 3rd and the 7th Symphonies - both of them extraordinary for their groundbreaking artistic and compositional “new worlds” : universes embracing all of the Human experience…. Truly extraordinary.

2023 is the 150th birth anniversay year of Rachmaninov, and with it I am very happy to welcome the extraordinary pianist Leif Ove Andsnes as our Artist of the Year. Leif Ove will join me and TSO for an evening of Rachmaninov- the extraordinary 3rd Piano Concerto which is one of the most impressive vehicles to show off the “complete” Pianist, alongside the 2nd Symphony in which the Orchestra sings like a human voice.

And on a more personal note: I first performed with TSO in February 2013. The last 10 years have flew by so fast! It is truly extraordinary to me that together, we have performed together so much of the core repertoire as well as contemporary works, opera and choral masterpieces. It is extraordinary to me that this long journey of 10 years have been so consistently meaningful, joyful, and always overflowing with passion and love for Music and mutual dedication to the very best performance in our power to give. Going back to 2013, Tchaikovsky 5th was on the program. Now after all our time together, I am so much looking forward to performing this work again with my colleagues in TSO. Extraordinary to think of all of our common experiences together and exciting to think how that will reshape our interpretation of Tchaikovsky.

And one more quick line about the extraordinary violinist Gil Shaham who will join us for Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, the groundbreaking extraordinary work that puts the orchestra and the soloist on an equal footing for a true musical dialogue of symphonic proportions… I am really looking forward to welcoming Gil to Trondheim.

So… What an EXTRAORDINARY season!

Come join us for this feast - for the Music that moves you, inspires you, nourishes your soul, lifts your spirits… Music that makes you smile, Music that allows you to feel both familiar and new emotions, Music that makes the Human experience and our existence complete.

Warmest greetings,
Han-Na Chang

The 2023-24 season can be summed up with one word: EXTRAORDINARY.

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