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Open positions

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra & Opera consists p.t. of 85 musicians in fulltime employment. In addition to symphonic concerts, which is the main activity, TSO has developed particularly varied and versatile additional activities. TSO produces opera in Trondheim, and we give special emphasis to projects for children and adolescents, contemporary music, learning, historical performance practice and chamber music. The latter is carried out partially through a cooperation with The Trondheim Soloists (TS), by which ten of our string players perform as part of their professional duties.

Principal cello and a section player.

The audition should have taken place in Trondheim on April 18 and 19, 2020, but due to the ongoing Corona pandemic the audition has been postponed. 

New audition date: October 15, 2020 - by video recording

The first round of the audition takes place by submitting a video recording of the material listed below. The video must be submitted by October 15, and our orchestra panel must be given access to the recorded material until the end of October, 2020.
We hope to continue with the following rounds of the audition in Trondheim in the beginning of 2021. More information about this will follow at a later stage.

Candidates are given these choices: One can apply for section player, section leader or both positions. In the latter two cases, the candidate must record both section and solo excerpts in the same take.

We ask that the candidate makes one uninterrupted recording of the whole first round repertoire. One must be able to see clear synchronization between sound and image, i.e. one must see the cellist playing the whole time. This entails using only one camera filming uninterruptedly until the candidate has played through all of the first round material. The take must not be edited.

Repertoire first round:

Applicants to both positions will play the following excerpts in this order:

  1. Mozart, Symphony No. 40 (excerpt No. 8)
  2. Brahms, Symphony No. 2 (excerpt No. 4)
  3. Grieg, Anitra's Dance (excerpt No. 6)
  4. Bartok, Music for Strings, Percussion & Celeste (excerpt No. 2)

Applicants to the section leader position will, in addition to the above listed excerpts, play the following solo excerpts:

5. Brahms, Piano Concerto No. 2 - from bar 1 until bar 20 (excerpt No. 2)
6. R. Strauss, Don Quixote: only the theme (mässig) and the first variation (excerpt No. 4)

You can download the whole audition repertoire here.

For more information, please contact:
Dagfinn Krogsrud -, mobile phone +47 402 33 761 or
Arne Martin Larsen -, mobile phone +47 958 32 567