Trondheim Symfoniorkester


We in the TSO have journeyed with our Korean audiences and like all significant journeys, we have learnt a great deal.

We have come to understand firsthand our hosting country, its culture and social customs. We have enjoyed an adventure in cuisine that has had us grilling beef at table, nibbling kimchi and noodles for breakfast and gifted us all a graphic appreciation of the many ways in which to serve an octopus. We have shed the Nordic reserve and indulged our inner divas in downtown Karaoke bars. We have exchanged the familiar for the galactically unusual and channel surfed on Korean TV. We have hiked in the mountains, visited temples, explored fish markets and searched for gifts in underground shopping malls. We’ve twisted our tongues around Korean phrases and we have stretched our fingers and arms to form the shape of hearts (Korean love). 

We have experienced Korean hospitality, both inside and outside the concert hall, and within the frenzy of new details and information, we have been given something precious and permanent; we have learnt what it is to be truly seen and truly listened to. 

We, like Peer Gynt, have journeyed far beyond our national and cultural boarders and in travelling, we have experienced a musical homecoming. We leave Korea and return to Norway but Korea remains in our hearts.

Photos by Ole Wuttudal