Trondheim Symfoniorkester


From the buzz of the packed concert hall at Busan Cultural Center, Han-Na Chang and the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra took to the road again, leaving the exhilarated audience and coastal delights of Busan for the bustle of Korea’s fourth largest city Daegu.

Nestled in the mountains of the North Gyeongsang Province, with a subtropical climate and booming high-tech and fashion industries, Daegu is a city that simply loves to host! From World Championships in Athletics and FIFA World Cup matches to the 22nd World Energy Congress and the 2019 World Orchestra Series, Daegu’s population consumes visiting global culture with gusto! 

The concert given by Han-Na Chang, international prizewinning pianist Dong Hyek Lim and the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra was met with wild applause by the Daegu audience. Perhaps the media’s crowning of the Seoul performance as “concert of the year” had fed the flame of open hearted fervour for Han-Na and the TSO, perhaps the intense beauty and strength of the performance ignited a collective feeling of rightness in players and audience alike. Whatever magic was at work, it seemed for many in the orchestra that the night in Daegu (literally “large hill”) captured the spirit of the tour perfectly. As fans formed queues at the exits to the concert hall, eager for a moment with their musical hero, Han-Na was indeed the queen on the hill.